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Our teachers use practiced acting and improvisation techniques to create an ensemble of focused and spatially aware players. Our primary objective is to impart the skillful ability to be aware of everything around oneself while one is concentrating on his/her performance, thereby enhancing the emotional and physical atmosphere of the play.


Each student will break down the text and learn to express themselves through a monologue of their choice. Students will learn how to approach the material, develop a point of view, discover an emotional arc and make unique choices that will create their own specific character.

Our Scene to Song study encourages student to explore one of the most pivotal aspects of musical theatre: the moment when a character can no longer speak about what they are feeling, rendering the inevitable need to sing. This delicate “scene to song transition” is subtle, however, it is often comprised of the most important moments within an entire show. In an instant, essential details and sentiments are openly shared with the audience, causing mere seconds to relay a pervasive sense of emotions that are larger than life.




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