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Terrence Mann and his wife, Charlotte d'Amboise have been working on Broadway for over thirty years.

In an effort to find a way to effectively pass on what they have learned, Charlotte and Terry started brainstorming about a concept that would best teach young performers the art of musical theatre. They decided on the name "Triple Arts" because it encompasses the THREE DISCIPLINES: Acting, Singing, and Dancing. All three are essential to being a MUSICAL THEATRE performer.


What they discovered as they talked to students was that most of them felt confident in one or two of the disciplines and terribly insecure in the others. Charlotte and Terry saw this as the perfect way to realize their concept. They wanted to create an environment where young performers could feel safe and secure enough to conquer their fears about singing, dancing, or acting.


They created the TRIPLE ARTS series to give students a chance to hone their skills. Mann and d'Amboise assembled a staff of performers, choreographers, vocal teachers, and directors from the Broadway community. They felt very strongly the students should be taught by working performers in the business today--individuals that currently work with the greatest performing artists in the world and are able to let them know what it feels like to be in show business right now. This would give students a sense of the level of competition that was out there.  


The goal was to let these young people feel what it is like to work as a professional while they are still in school. During the TRIPLE ARTS series they will experience what it takes to compete with the best musical performers on the Broadway stage today.


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